The dilemma and challenge of nternet Entrepreneurship

for business, today went down earlier than usual, met with big box small box of distribution in the elevator. I was surprised at his earlier. Asked him how Dangdang had been doing recently, he told me, "well, what’s more, we’re all in charge of a small area, and we can’t deliver it.".

Ma Yun’s winter on less than six months, while Dangdang’s business is in full swing, it is really hot and cold two days,


in fact, the Alibaba and the hot recession reflects the Internet development characteristics: by collecting enterprises such as advertising fees, membership fees, fees and other ways to profit ranking of the Internet Co, because of the economic crisis led to the decline in corporate profits, reduce investment in marketing and have great influence. While users rely on Micro Payment ways to profit the Internet Co, is due to the increase of unemployment linger boring play games online and making friends, looking for the opportunity to bargain and other consumer shows Spring is in the air. prosperity.

we can sum up the two types of Internet charging: the terminal consumption model and the front-end charging mode. According to the concept of supply chain, who owns consumers is the main chain of supply chain. Undoubtedly, the front-end consumption model should be the main innovation direction of the current Internet entrepreneurs.


because of the economic crisis has created a lot of people around the Internet can be a long time, ordinarily, the most troubled Internet business "popularity" to solve the problem seems to be easier, the Internet seems to have a lot of opportunities of entrepreneurship.

in fact, the current difficulties and challenges facing the Internet business is more serious, and before the economic crisis, there are different characteristics.

1, the opportunity for rapid growth and prosperity is gone. The Internet industry, after 15 years of development, has been from the first piece of white paper on "letting a hundred flowers blossom, a hundred schools of thought contend" into the establishment of a truly innovative model and a solid foundation for the operation of the times. PPG’s ups and downs are a good example.

2, venture capital tends to be calm and prudent. Before the economic crisis, the Internet economy to follow the trend China economic way listed return is amazing stride forward singing militant songs. But the economic crisis has made investment firms that have made a pile of money in the past two years been trapped, and in the short run, it is difficult to launch the project. Internet business is facing financing difficulties.

3, the Internet tends to mature, innovation patterns are decreasing. Before the economic crisis, copying foreign models casually was a great innovation. Such as Baidu, Google to put forward their own Gengdong Chinese let their stocks tumbling climb. If some of the popular models are still blindly follow the trend, then only a dead end. Because you are very difficult to shake the others based on pre crisis status.

4, exploration time decreases, cash flow pressure increases greatly. Before the economic crisis, you can also burn venture capital to explore profit models, and now if you can’t generate positive cash flow in the short term

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