Zhu Yong the future development trend of personal websites is to follow the brand operation road

now, with the continuous improvement of search engine algorithm, it will become more and more difficult to do garbage flow making. The author thinks that the development of website will change from content resource type to service type. Because the content type information site in order to truly become bigger and stronger need to put a lot of effort to make the contents of construction, the content for the core competitiveness of the website to keep the original content and readability, only by a few people is not enough, we must let everyone participate into interaction can produce large numbers of valuable content, such as Ai Rui, A5 and other sites are because there are many industry experts and many participants come together to create content to attract people in the industry to this platform.

behind this kind of website success persistence, timing, contacts, execution and other factors are indispensable, especially in the early stage of a variety of resources are the absence of how fast the accumulation of popularity, the website around this time is one of the most difficult period of the site. Now due to lower construction cost and technical threshold, the employment situation is grim, the personal website of the competition is increasingly fierce, collaboration without a strong personal charm and extensive network of resources and the team want to talent shows itself in many sites is very difficult. In the end, it can only be reduced to a garbage collection based on collection, replication and pseudo original content, and it is difficult to make great progress.

therefore, Zhu Yong believes that providing professional services vertical web site is one of the trends in the future development of personal websites, that is, according to their own circumstances, in their own advantages in the field of content services provided. As the tour guide can be considered to be a tourist route advisory network, website planning to do a professional web site planning advisory network, can even be from the region or consulting direction subdivided, share the thinner over the visitor conversion rate is higher, it is due to the characteristics of small but refined, more of the most incisive advantages of each show the site to do the fine, this is some big website to do but not for the region, and for individual webmaster is an opportunity.

for profit, such as tourism line Advisory Network and some travel agencies and tour cooperation recommendations adopted by customers can be introduced to the customer so tour guides or travel agency, ultimately consumption can be to guide or travel agency commission. In fact, this type of website has been a lot of people doing, such as domain name on behalf of the record; SEO training, consulting, network promotion consultants and so on. The key is how to make use of the advantages of resources and connections, and explore the value of them. As long as the integrity, enthusiasm, and thoughtful service, will gradually form its own brand, so that the site onto a broader path of development.

After the

website will form the brand effect, through word-of-mouth way to get traffic, without having to search engine face life every day, of course, SEO and a variety of ways to promote or combined use, in order to make the site bigger and stronger.

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