Despite the business model, why is the news still difficult to succeed

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for all the chips in the form of news comments, most concentrated in the business model, and when we put the idea back to the news industry to look at this issue, the answer may be similar, but the process of enlightenment is undoubtedly more precious.

raised the concept in today is no longer fresh, to raise public projects are becoming more and more diverse, the past few years abroad to raise public platform rise on the occasion, to raise the public news once the topic is the focus in this field and hot item. However, a short period of time, the news raised almost all domestic chips platform disappeared, in foreign countries are also facing the embarrassment of fewer people.

Most people in

for all the chips in the form of news comments, most concentrated in the business model, that there is no clear business model is the most important reason to raise public news quickly died, but when we look away from a commercial point of view, put aside all the predictable interest factors, only from the news and the media industry see the news all the chips, we can also get the similar conclusions, to raise the public news perhaps only as a concept eye-catching, it represents the people for the pursuit of citizen journalism in a certain extent, more is a reflection of the readers for the news of the value of their emotional sustenance, and indispensable it is not of this form, between concept and reality of the distance is far, the news in the form of vitality also confirms this problem in the side.

therefore, the congregation raised hot news and rise to fade and is not a business issue, more is the media industry’s own problems, if the judge might have deviated from its starting point starting from this point of business only.

did not win the editing line

All the chips

news appeared inspired from readers but the reporter, reporters for the truth of the incident attachment or other private purposes, are often tied to avoid the single-handed system to investigate the incident, and this behavior to a certain extent to some readers.

due to the current status quo of the media industry, has been in the news reports are more constrained, the reader demands for the truth behind the events often in the traditional media are not met, so when I stand out when reporters tend to be part of the support of the people. This is just the reporter impulse in some time, in the process of raising funds, the timeliness of news has disappeared, and the characteristics of network communication also determines a topic is difficult to calm and then set off the climax of the wave is larger than that of the. In this case, whether the journalist can persist in pursuing the truth or not, the reader can continue to pay attention to the topic, which are uncontrollable factors.

from another point of view, the news raised this form of reporters as an individual pushed to the table, and the production of news itself is a process of group cooperation. As we all know, the current news production process, reporters and editors duties are separated, the reporter is only responsible for interviews and writing, while the editor is responsible for reporters

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