How to do a good job of site positioning

today’s website can be described as grass, a large number. And quality is a hierarchy of bad, and even some fraudulent sites. Presumably, someone is a network of fraud, the feeling of hate. Growing up steadily from small to large, the site is a leader in the industry. In other words, it’s a weathervane. Why do they become "leaders" and they are silent and silent?. Even in a struggle, it’s a bit close to bankruptcy. Such a phenomenon, one of the factors: site positioning, there is a direct correlation.

The rise of

e-commerce has had a great impact on traditional sales methods. But it is also a minority, can set off the seas. The early days of a website are often aware of being able to make money on it. Put profit in the development of the front, multi-element infiltration, it must be difficult. And the probability of success is also low. Therefore, from the beginning of the construction site, to the operation of the site, you need to have a clear positioning.

positioning factor 1: what types of websites do you want?. Common websites are commodity, consulting, news and so on. To the website planning, in the end is to do what kind?. In this way, large directional indicators are determined. In the construction of the website, we need the corresponding factors. This test point is, search spiders, see if it can be successfully included in the database. Later on, that is, the frequency of site snapshot updates, new content can be faster grab,


positioning factor two: Web service object segmentation. Perhaps some managers will have a certain sense of confusion, users need what positioning ah?. Without these factors, there will be many late impact factors. Clearly user positioning can narrow the range. As a result, the service object is better accurate, can be investigated in detail from the market, scientific data collation. In this way, you can know what the service user needs. Take this time, it is very worthwhile. Now, both from search, or users, this requires a high degree of. Need to be real and effective, which can only play noisy, influence.

positioning factor three: website profit way. The purpose of doing a website is often a certain advantage. This, the commodity website is more obvious. As for the consulting website, it is often achieved a certain brand publicity. Most of them are still profitable. In other words, how to realize the flow?. This is the final process and the most important one. To do rationalization guidance, so that customer satisfaction. That’s not profitable,


sums up: "everything needs to be fixed.". From the point of view of growth, different plants can grow vigorously in a certain environment. The same is true of websites. They can not be given the same position. They are in a mess. They can not grow. They can only disappear in a large number of websites. Therefore, the positioning of the website is the key,


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