Dry sharing network entrepreneurs explore the efficiency of individual owners to make money

with "want to live on the web free occupation" more and more, individual network business has become a hot topic and one of the premise, want to start is to have its own survival ability, the survival, is actually on the network can earn the cost of living.

on the network to make money a lot of ways, Xiaoqiang is not one by one example, I just say I’m good at making money online one of the ways, personal adsense.

One of

‘s business is strong, do webmaster foundation class teaching, simply put, is recorded in the tutorial, sell tutorial, get data, personal webmaster more and more, more and more personal webmaster want to survive in the gold rush on the Internet, so personal webmaster how to make money?

personal webmaster want to make money, we need to know what they will understand, what, what, to do good work for the first, on this basis, and then try to maximize the possible, sometimes, even if we don’t understand what the novice webmaster, if master some skills and ideas, can make a lot of money, although rarely, said about to below some knowledge in the Internet to make money. Attentively read + practice, as long as there are some basic, I believe you can mix food to eat.

PS: the end of the article will give you a project operation methods, adhere to the operation, living expenses, no problem.

Basics: location, tools, and principles

self localization

Are you ready to

how to make money? If Xiaoqiang said, Jack Bauer (have been used to make money selling tutorial sold about 200 sets), Taobao (and other passengers also used to make money, such as high-end SEO service), said we should have accurate positioning, and be aware of their own ability, so as not to chew more however, chew.


tools have

with the positioning, we have to have the necessary tools, remember, always with the diamond, you can take the porcelain work, "tools" is the fundamental money making network.

what is a tool?


simple can be summarized as "money + money tool tool", of course, according to the specific, we choose the way to make money, such as Taobao, Jack off, is to do with the +SEO/ keyword website architecture, so we need a tool to make money, the website of +SEO itself, and the money is the natural tool, Alipay each month, Ali mother (guest Taobao official) will check to alipay.

The logic principle of

project itself

How can

earn the money for this project? How does this project work? Are there any chances to take shortcuts? Can you make it by yourself? Don’t get it. What about making money?

, such as Xiaoqiang selling tutorials, how can you make money? Customer base is an individual novice webmaster, recorded >

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