LV Fu home how to enhance the user experience of small and medium enterprises website

website, for everyone to understand is not the same, the Internet in China, people’s lives more and more inseparable. The rapid development of online shopping, how to retain business users, improve online sales become the focus of attention, for personal website which is safer, more services in place, better quality is a priority. Between merchants and customers need to establish a network relationship, how to establish the business is the most troublesome problem, the emergence of the user experience to narrow the credibility of businesses and users, the rate of single rate has greatly improved. The following author (Lv Fujia) introduces the importance of user experience at four points:

1, customer confidence in the website

virtual Internet, enterprise reputation, customer reputation is very important, only in the case of mutual trust in order to reach an agreement, the success of the transaction. Merchant website layout, color matching, information architecture, image clarity, etc., will affect the customer’s confidence in the site. Users feel good about the site, it is possible to browse down, and then to consultation, comparison, the final transaction. To improve the user experience, here are a few brief points:

1, reasonable layout: customers easily browse the site, the site column reasonable position, primary and secondary clear.

2, color matching: color should be combined with products, the industry, the applicable crowd and other design, different industries and products, users have different effects

3, information content: information content should be professional, should be primary and secondary, clear, reasonable classification. Avoid cross industry information.

4, pictures and text: pictures to be fresh, text size, color, spacing to standard.

above is the author (Lv Fujia) to improve the credibility of the website a few suggestions

two, site content

knows that the content of the site is important, but how to do it and how to make it work is the first consideration for the site owner. Good web content and user experience can increase the viscosity of your website. How to extend the user experience to web content, the author (Lv Fujia) said:

1, website content planning should be reasonable,

there are many branches in every industry and there is a lot of information. So, finding the information theme of your website is the key to success. On the contrary, your website will be a hodgepodge. To learn how to pick and choose, to find what you are good at, large customer demand, high value of information to build columns. Why is there a good or bad Web site, Lu Fu home that reasonable content planning to put the user experience in the first place?.

2, website content authenticity, timeliness,

real content will be read more people, by exaggerating product features and exaggerated information, the actual situation is not feasible. When introducing products, individual websites only say "advantages" and say "no". Cause customer misunderstanding, and eventually lead to frequent after-sale problems. Therefore, when releasing any information, we must introduce more, less exaggeration.

moreover, the timeliness of information is also >

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