Every day let the soft loss of more than 3000 P

as webmaster all know, soft Wen can increase the external links, improve the weight of the web site. But who knows the link in the soft text is not free to add, in particular, can not add the source of the article, once to improve the weight of the site.

all know the search engine to implement the word segmentation technology, search engine based on the key word combination, convenient for users to search the required content, the implementation of segmentation technology is a boon for high weight website, the life service peak online there is an article named "body art photo pictures" this is the Google search engine is the combination of a new "company" keywords, and give a good ranking, when you search for the words "company" when the engine in Google, easy to find in the first page can. This keyword belongs to the popular keywords, the daily search volume is high, ranked eight in the first page, every day can bring more than 3000 IP. As the saying goes, "avariciousness", this does not meet the current pattern, seriously write a "typical" in website promotion once more "soft, with the link http://s.dingfengnet.com/yishuxiezhen/rentiyishu/2009-01-13/ 28976.html, used to increase the page’s external links, improve the weight. In this way, the keyword can be ranked in the second or even the first position, and the ranking will be more stable.


writing, published quickly to webmaster online, a few days later, as expected, "" typical "in website promotion once more" this article is a reprint, external links also grow with each passing day, happy in the heart, have no heart thought Kung Fu, this will be good return. But in the end until it is a let me feel sad ending, search the words "human portrait" in Google search, has been found, it can be said that because a large number of reprint this article soft Wen, let every day I lost more than 3000 IP.

for this thing as a warning for the future, a profound reflection, the expectations of the customers "keywords ranking is not only not improved, but can’t find it, there must be no known factors. Universal navigation nets webmaster once said: "the external changes, because some internal changes, as long as the use of paichufa, to find out the internal change and external changes can be explained!", because it is not modified, the site has not been changed, the stable time has been more than four months. The only thing to do is to write the article with a modified version of the article, so the question arises in connection with.

actively consults with the senior experts at wndhw.com. They are eager to tell me that they have encountered similar problems in popularizing universal navigation networks. After careful study and discussion, they finally come to the end

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