09 years is a good time for the master to train and save energy

with the rapid development of the Internet, China’s rapid expansion of the team of webmasters. 08 years ago, a lot of people are likely to be born, because of higher technical requirements, so the non-technical stationmaster is very difficult to intervene, now accompanied by many fool program, chief of the technical requirements in the lower, head of the threshold is low down. A webmaster who has no contact with technology like me should be a lot.

economic crisis, so many entities enterprises have been greatly shocked, the economic downturn of the entity also affected some webmaster’s website revenue. Many comrades who have just stepped into the ranks of the stationmaster are now the best opportunity for us to build up our strength and strengthen ourselves, and so on, when the economy recovers, that is, when we can play. Novice webmaster must keep learning, take good care of your web site, let your web site can grow up quickly. The old owners also have to continue to work hard for tomorrow to share more market share, and not be chased after the army.

the Internet is a place where miracles continue, and access to the Internet is relatively low. Now neither employment pressure nor work pressure is greater. Choose the Internet business or part-time is very good, as long as you are diligent enough, mature mentality, I believe the road of the webmaster, you will go farther, go wider.

as a new webmaster webmaster to join the ranks from 09 years in February, now operates 99 car network, we have the opportunity to look for advice. Because they have no contact with the technology, friends to help on-line, after all on their own to maintain a person. When the economy is good, everyone is busy making money. Now that the economy is recession, the company is not good and can’t make much money, we may as well make full use of our spare time. Not only will it enrich your life, but it will also add chips to your future life.

08 is an extraordinary year, 09 years on 08 years of extraordinary, webmaster friends wherever you are now in what situation, please do not give up, I believe that through your hard work, your site tomorrow will take you to pay double back to you. The economy will recover and the market will become optimistic. Take good care of yourself in the economic downturn. When the economy recovers tomorrow, it will show you good performance, provided you don’t give up and keep going.

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