2013 10 Web design trends, responsive design, content is still king


Several Web design trends we see in the

in 2012, the number of responsive design to the most significant, and now the 2013 bell sounded, let us boldly predict Web design trends 2013.

1. more responsive design

although responsive design was brought forward in 2012, response design is still changing and innovating. For example, the new device keeps coming out (iPad, Mini), which has left previous design ideas crumbling. Now responsiv Web has gained more and more attention, "let people forget the size of the equipment" concept will drive faster responsive design, so the design of Web will also usher in more responsive design elements.


2. layout will become very important,

Web designers and developers are very aware of a website of pictures and Javascript, this trend will drive the font (DTP) is becoming more and more important in web design, from @font-face serve font to the server (the default font), the usual attention of these fonts often than pictures and scripts of light. But 2013 will not. And fonts and typography are based on content and are easier to respond to than pictures and scripts.


3. say bye bye to Flash,

Flash is likely to be over, because it is not conducive to a site of SEO, many mobile devices do not support it, upgrade it is a very painful thing (after the upgrade in the browser will card); and its replacement is excellent (HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript). TNW boldly predicted that Flash will completely at the end of 2013, some have to support its companies have begun to divert attention, it is important that few designers and developers can use this, and employers who want to hire these technicians very difficult to hire talent.

4. iOS "design" is no longer respected

‘s service to new technologies based on past clues does not greatly improve our thinking patterns. For example, we don’t need a visual bookshelf to know that there are e-books to read, to read the cover of an e-book, and we know what it is.

display design aesthetics to other companies for their "quasi" at Apple, we have seen a new hope, such as Microsoft Metro, so the design trend of the 2013 is more companies will pay more attention to follow their design inspiration, rather than trailing solids.

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