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transparent property information, the perfect industry standards, so that real estate e-commerce in foreign countries to develop faster and more large-scale. Today is Monday and everyone under the crowd just IPO HomeAway.

HomeAway is a holiday service online rental website, founded in 2004 and operated in 2005. Just a few years time, HomeAway through a series of acquisitions and strategic expansion (the founding investment and mergers and acquisitions five world-class vacation rental site, including the United States and Britain’s Holiday-Rentals Cyberrentals web site), has now become the holiday rental housing the world’s largest online service provider, the company is currently in 145 countries around the world has more than 560 thousand vacation rental housing.

1 and HomeAway growth profile

domain name:

is located in Austen, Texas,

founder time: 2004

current staff: 735 people,

website concept: with HomeAway, Hotel (why hotel when to you can HomeAway). This is the HomeAway on the official website on the slogan, its hidden behind the "personal" aura has let us feel that the website domineering exposed.

‘s brief history of growth:


HomeAway Ventures from the Vc firm in Austen Austin Ventures and the other one is located in California Menlo Park Vc firm Redpoint, received a total of $500 million investment.


, IVP, and Trident Capital contributed $160 million to support HomeAway’s acquisition of the site;


HomeAway and Redpoint Ventures, is located in California Menlo Park Vc firm Technology Crossover Ventures and Institutional Venture Partners a total of $250 million in venture capital investment.


attracted a total of 220 million user visits, with an average of 9 million 500 thousand visits per month;


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