Changde Talent Network talent network, domain name selection can not follow the crowd

before I published an article on "from the brand, convenient, friendly full consideration" from the talent network domain name choice about the choice of personnel website domain name, said the three elements: short and easy to remember domain name selection, search engine friendly. This paper analyzes what kind of a domain name is the good domain name, which is suitable for users, but also for the search engine, but with the stand growth time, and continue to communicate with the elite, I was in my former idea gradually had suspected, and in part under the guidance of the successful webmaster, again to determine an extremely important factor for talent network domain name choice: do not follow the crowd, have originality.

in the previous article I mentioned, a local talent network, appropriate domain name than using code +job, so that customers easy to remember, and search engines can easily understand the meaning of the domain name, and the optimization of SEO bring very big help through the key word domain name. But in the ensuing process, I found that this entered a misunderstanding, then there is no competition.

in local talent network operation, we can see the same keywords you choice: XX talent network, XX network of excellence, XX is the name of this website title, will only make yourself very hot competition, and the sites are basically rely on search engines to live, customers are through the search habits of keywords, find the site.

a lot of people will say, this is a good thing: search volume, ranking, traffic. As everyone knows, this is in the most primitive state of competition: there is no own brand, no unique trademark.

How to create

does not follow the crowd their uniqueness? We can analyze a number of outstanding domestic large local talent site, such as Qilu excellence, excellence, digital Zhuobo talent, talent, talent eight party peninsula…… And so on, they are all in be too numerous to enumerate, regional talent market, but they have adopted the XX talent network mentioned what? No, but their domain name? Is it follow the code +job? No, a brand through their own creation, and through a variety of publicity will be the popular brand and achieve the maximum effect.

when one day, our talent network in the region, such as Shandong, for example, many people in the Shandong area of search job recruitment information, no longer search Shandong talent network, but the habit of input Qilu network of excellence, so he became the only vested interests, and look at the "Shandong Talent Network" this word, how many website can let a person remember


one day, customers remember your site logo, then you will achieve the greatest success, we should give full play to their imagination, name brand originality, but it also needs to master a perfect generalization ability and financial support, but I believe more and more owners have been aware of this point the local domain name, Larry similar Zhuobo is also gradually increased.


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