How many days do you want to be a movie station

I’m a movie station on 7.29 with Marx. I’ve never done a movie station before. After a few days of promotion, found that the movie station is really faster than the forum and CMS flow. My small station ( from the site of the first day, every day traffic is rising, 51. pull yesterday’s Statistics yesterday traffic: 1448, IP, 5121, PV, today to 21:40, also has 1100 of the ip.

, but it’s still not included in Baidu, and my traffic comes mainly from two traffic alliances (about one day 300ip) and Youku and other big video sites (600+ip a day).

on the first day of battle, less than 10 hours, was included in the Google, and "Chibi online to see," ranked first. Can be GG included, I think because the station just on the line, immediately modified in the DZ and other large BBS signature, and the name is called "Chibi online high-definition watch" link is the website home page. And in the first place, the whole station was put on GGAD.

sees from this point: 1: GGAD is really helpful for website collection; two: your personality signature is also very important in a big website,

now Baidu doesn’t include me, but it feels good as a whole. Alexa ranking just a few days to more than 600 W (I never brush), although Baidu is not included, but always come through the Baidu 20 IP, a bit funny, I keep on other sites in Chibi watch online links, do not know what reason did not open "a lot of people enter the URL, and enter this page


out of my web site, so I firmly believe that Baidu will include me, after all, every day there are so many people through Baidu to my web site.

do Marx these days, deeply feel, Marx brings that resource library can’t use, you used, once appear video failure, there is no way to change the failure link, how to do? You can only delete

in addition to the movie re acquisition, or in the original on the basis of continuing to add the address, I suggest second, because even if the link failed, but it may be search engines or your user

, remember. But in any case, the development of the site will remain hidden dangers.

also recently found a way to submit Alexa in Chinaz, many people should have seen, but I still put forward.

you go to the official website of Alexa to so many people who are English to scare, now you don’t need to understand English.

you just need to create a name >

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