From free traffic, free business models are either free or subverted

Ma Yun, chairman of

Alibaba group said: Entrepreneurial fear is invisible, despise, cannot read, not follow; see where the opponents, look down on opponents, opponents cannot read why can become so strong, then keep up; even if the opponent is weak, also must take each other very powerful, even if the opponent is very strong, do not have to see yourself very weak. "From" free flow strategy, Pro you understand,


you read the free business model? Free business model, the author concludes that, enterprises and consumers will be the early experience of the products and services free of charge, the virus broadcast in the promotion strategy, let more consumers free to experience the value of products and services, the rapid expansion of corporate reputation and brand awareness, and continue to provide value-added services and products of higher value, the realization of a profitable business model


one, free business model is the mainstream business model of the Internet,

as the saying goes, barefoot shoes are not afraid! See the most beautiful shoes competitors (core products and services), barefoot enterprises can not hesitate to attack their most beautiful shoes, and you fight together, will undermine their shoes, if in order to protect the beautiful shoes and you do not fight, Congratulations, you can chase him down!

this case on the Internet mainstream Internet service can meet the eye everywhere, is to take the free and free mailbox (NetEase, QQ mailbox), free press (Sohu, NetEase, Sina), free music movie (Baidu, Youku Video), free search (Google, Baidu), free antivirus (antivirus security, 360) free instant messaging (QQ, WeChat)! These free, not only because of free and go bankrupt, but because of free access to a large number of users, the new profit mode, the Internet become the most valuable company


two, free business model is the most subversive business model, but also a small and powerful weapon!


eBay vs Taobao, eBay was eBay by the rich dad, and the major portals and other mainstream sites signed exclusive advertising agreement, to develop an overwhelming advantage to limit Taobao, Taobao was forced to develop the United Front, launched the small owners in the people’s war, through self Taobao advertising alliance, will broadcast free shop slogan! Through this free shop fiercely competitive strategy, eBay will far behind


Qihoo 360 VS rising, Kingsoft, Kabasiji and other charges of anti-virus software, to the work practice, first from the palace, the Qihoo 360 in order to implement the free antivirus strategy, cut profits antivirus software sales agent billion a year on revenue! This free strategy to get 360 free antivirus software directly and quickly to seize the opponent’s market share, quickly get millions of client today, that Chinese become the largest Internet security services company, and successfully listed on NASDAQ in the United States! Rising, Jinshan and other companies because of their beautiful > scruples

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