Bold speculation intermediary platform, site development direction

when we search for a keyword is not difficult to find a lot of keywords ranking are classified information and B2B occupy a large site, that is not to say that search engines love these sites? I think as long as you in the perspective of ordinary users to analyze these sites will be the corresponding answer, no matter what your answer is anyway, I reject. Why search engines will give these sites so high ranking? I think the main reason is the network market is not refined, with the network market gradually refine the site only direction is like Taobao as a platform independent.

why intermediary platform is ranked

why intermediary platform search engine traffic into the shocking, do not want to know because they conform to the search engine algorithm, says website data on the website of the weight contribution decreased gradually, but there is still the main reference factors, we look at the following data:


said the user experience on the weights of the website to take you to increase gradually, but the search engine algorithm to the change in the buffer, and the user experience of search engine itself is not a good judge, because many search engines follow the user came to an intermediary site for users and there is no direct exit, but difficult to search again the following is a thermodynamic diagram needs, intermediary site:


thermodynamic diagram this small intermediary platform is not difficult to guess intermediary site out rate is very low, since you are holding the attitude of the search engine how to muddle along to judgment.

intermediary platform will gradually fade out of the search engine market


intermediary group you will gradually fade out the high search engine market, is actually very simple, just search engine itself, it is not to appear like Taobao such a large platform to seize the market share of their own search engine itself, it is a very easy for the generation of virtual products are popular, and can use the search no Baidu, no can also fade out a better search engine, it will have to follow the footsteps of the user debugging of self-improvement, however, with the strengthening of the needs of users and businesses change awareness of the net two times so tired of epiglottis search, intermediary platform in the search engine’s share will no doubt greatly, is now the most for obvious change is the industry site, to a point of intermediary platform will gradually fade out the search engine market is because the network market Insufficient subdivision.

intermediary platform development direction bold speculation

All the above

statement to say that the intermediary platform will fade out of the search engine market only, namely intermediary platform to obtain from search engine traffic will be greatly reduced, of course, is to buffer, but I believe that not long, although the network market is not fine, but the pen.

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