Know the future, to knowledge as the theme of the website, how to crack funds problems



know is a very low-key company, but in half a month ago rare held a media briefing, two and a half years, this is the first time that apparently know almost ready.

knew about two and a half years since the line was launched in January 26, 2011, during which the invitation system and the audit system have been maintained. By the end of 2011 known registered users from 200 thousand to 200 growth at the beginning of the end of 2012, registered users reached about 400000, until the second half of 2012 or open access to content, and open in March 20, 2013 after the registration, know almost daily active users has increased significantly in a short period of time, active users reached 600 thousand monthly active. Users reached 10 million, half year growth of 10 times, and continue to accelerate. The daily quality of the inner volume has increased by 5 times, equivalent to 2 news portals a day’s update.

The number of

users know not a large number on the Internet, but the growth rate is savage and fruitful, as CEO know almost week source self pride that knows the user although less, but one of the best quality is the user.

through a series of activities, so that the core industry users churn rate from the birth date to maintain below 17% of the low level, new industry users growth is far greater than the low rate of loss. Through the efforts of the operation and long-term accumulation, knowledge has gradually formed a wide range of industry professionals, communities, optional an industry or professional, can be found in the knowledge of the recent active users.

is known to almost give users value is self-evident, in my knowledge on Timeline, many people share and answer questions in all walks of life, of every hue diligently, and make their own judgments on the value of existing answers. Their colleagues who are constantly producing value continue to enjoy the value of other people’s production.

is also known to almost has become my second Wikipedia, scientific squirrel, shell network after another important source of knowledge of the internet.

but the more you love them from the bottom of your heart, the more you worry about their future from the bottom of your heart. Because of the "knowledge" as the theme of the website, there is the problem of funds.

Wikipedia every year at hope users and give them millions of dollars in donations to the consortium, so that they can survive for a year. Although every year the donation will surprise without risk raising success, but there is always a sense of crisis, if next year there is no donations do? Perhaps unfounded reason, every time they raise money when they are offered a few blocks.

now, Wikipedia has become the world’s fifth largest website, "

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