Magical cooking at Godaddy meters and Gift benefits Card

    for a web site, there is no more important than what domain name, choose a good domain name registrar is critical, a lot of people cooked rice is the choice of domestic registered business, as a new network, 10 thousand nets, China channel selection and so on, the business of domestic domain name advantage is more convenient to renew the registration domestic, access speed is also faster, and some do not say, here I want to focus on is the recommendation of the domain name registration in foreign Godaddy company, why to recommend Godaddy? Oh, too much, and I heard one by one.

      the first advantage is safe and reliable. Godaddy is the world’s largest domain name registrar, reputation that is quite assured, in Godaddy cook rice can have full control of the domain name. Not as registered in some parts of the country, met a black agent can control your domain name renewals, solve very trouble, and even lead to some of them give up the domain name. There are also some virtual hosting providers that offer free domain name registration services, but the domain name registration is not in your hands.

    the second advantage is convenient transfer. Registered domain name in Godaddy, you can modify the domain name registrant information, only in the background operation can be completed, very convenient. And in the country, to modify the domain name registrant’s information, you need to send ID card, fax and other complex procedures. Godaddy supports the PUSH domain name, then as long as the domain name PUSH will transfer to the other account to receive it, a few minutes to complete, not dragging its feet, and then transfer procedures very cumbersome in China, hundreds of days or even months, some domain registrars also create all sorts of obstacles not to transfer.

    the third advantage is that the parsing speed is fast. In the Godaddy domain registration, new analysis and modification of the resolution will take effect in a few minutes, and in the country to change the domain name resolution, it will take a long time to enter into force. In addition, Godaddy domain name control panel function is also very powerful, there are many practical functions. For example, the domain name expires prompt, batch registration and management domain name, change DNS server and so on.  

      Godadyy in rice and cook incidental benefits, is free of large ASP/PHP space, a meter can apply for a space before the free space is 5G 250G traffic capacity, recently upgraded to 10G, the capacity of 300G traffic, space can be switched freely in PHP and ASP. Each switch a space IP is a variable, if the space IP is GFW switched back again is good, but the feeling of ASP space SQL database super hard to use, I generally use PHP. But in my opinion, the free space given by Godaddy is better for a garbage station

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