Millions of fans, and many years ago, Martin Ruud are content entrepreneurs

let’s talk about entrepreneurship.

text, sound, pictures, videos, live…… In recent years, the content of production in full swing, the new content of the big bang to make more than a few levels before the content.

so, the user’s consumption of content increased the time, the user is more willing to pay for the content of it? In other words, the content of entrepreneurs how to make money?

Why is

the moment of this wave of "content be in full swing of start-ups in today? Why did not occur in the blog era and the era of micro-blog


who’s going to pay for the content?

over the past year, I was frequently asked how to look at the content of entrepreneurship in a variety of presentations. I think the most important thing is to answer two questions from the big logic, why the content of entrepreneurship, and why today?

1074 a priest in Bavaria with a parchment, go out for a vineyard back. You may ask the parchment and how so valuable? You know a sheep’s skin can make a parchment book page 12.5 (Note 1), a "Xinhua Dictionary" do you have to kill a whole hillside cattle.


printing and papermaking spread from sheepskin to paper, steep media cost down to 1% (Note 2), be able to bear the cost of content producers and receivers gradually expanded to the University from the monastery and local lords. 200 years ago, the advent of the steam press reduced costs to at least 20% (ref. 3), and for the first time reduced the cost of production, dissemination and consumption to the acceptable range. This is the basis of the last wave of modern media industry that we are familiar with.

20 years ago, the emergence of the Internet for the first time so that the content of digital, so that now, whether it is a variety of WeChat public, today’s headlines, or get the channel cost is basically 0. The evolution to today, we are in the era of mobile Internet, mobile phone using this medium, and multiple dimensions of audience by tagging location, social relationships, real time online, once again achieved a revolutionary improvement efficiency.

changes from the media determines the new content of each era of entrepreneurship / production of the major premise and the big pattern.

five years ago I voted for a company called B station, we are its first round of investors. At that time we still think this is what a ghost, how people will see the video in such a strange manner? Last December I find them, they say such a thing, 4G active users online crowd rose to UV on the 20% day.

this wave of China’s basic mobile network facilities switched from 3G to 4G, creating a significant change in this phenomenon, as well as last year, a very popular live broadcast. This is another example of media change.

here is an interesting topic that comes along with

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