Grassroots webmaster interpretation of China’s nternet situation white paper

as a personal webmaster section of the "white paper" in the situation of Internet China not very interested in, such as: to promote the development and popularization of the Internet; to promote the wide application of the Internet; Internet security protection; actively carry out international exchanges and cooperation. Grassroots webmaster only concerned about the government, how to manage our webmaster, is not to give us loose magic spell, the webmaster is not for local records?.

In the

white paper, the government plays a leading role in Internet management. The relevant government departments shall, in accordance with legal functions, safeguard the rights and interests of citizens, public interests and national security in accordance with the law. The state communications administration is responsible for the administration of the Internet industry, including the management of Internet basic resources such as Internet domain names and IP addresses in china. In accordance with the measures for the administration of Internet information services, China implements a licensing system for operating Internet information services, and implements a filing system for non operating Internet information services. Filing system for non operating Internet information services." There is no explanation for the specific operation of the record. Then, the Ministry of "local camera record" continues to perform.


white paper said that Chinese citizens enjoy full freedom of speech on the Internet in accordance with the law. The white paper points out that the constitution of the People’s Republic of China gives citizens the right to freedom of expression. Chinese citizens’ freedom of speech on the Internet is protected by law and can be published in various forms on the internet. Active communication on the Internet is a major feature of China’s Internet development. The amount of forum posts and blog articles is huge, which is unimaginable in all the countries of the world. The white paper said that China’s Web site pays great attention to providing Internet users with services for their comments, and about 80% of the sites offer electronic bulletin boards.

            Chinese existing millions of forums, 220 million blog users, according to statistics, every day people through forums, news comments, blog comments and other channels to reach about 3000000, more than 66% of Internet users often Chinese speech on the Internet, to discuss various topics, fully the expression of ideas and interests. The white paper said that the new Internet applications, new services for people to express their views to provide a wider space. Blogs, blogs, video sharing, social networking and other emerging web services have developed rapidly in China, providing more convenient conditions for Chinese citizens to communicate via the internet.

            Internet users actively participate in online information dissemination and participate in online content creation, which greatly enriched the information content on the internet. Part of the webmaster reads as follows: the State Council has default, there are millions of domestic forums, forums do not have a special record. I did not find such information from the word. What does not exist does not require special filing. The meaning is still ambiguous. From the point of view of the general network reader, the freedom of speech enjoyed by Chinese citizens on the Internet is stronger than ever. But there are some foreigners

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