No one took, did not draw on the TO B operations, how to play a new height

low operating, high viewing the overall situation. This is the core of the whole operation.


in the Internet space, the operators are no longer strangers, even has become a synonym for the Internet, the contents of the wanted output.

However, there is such a group of

operation, in the face of the Internet company, wandering in the threshold of the lack of high feasibility case, can learn from the confused to see details in the marginal multitude, they may be a group of TO B operations, of course, I am also one of them.

as TO B operation in the company is likely to be a screw, ignored, helpless and Alexander, even because of the operation of the definition of fuzzy leadership often give you some rather baffling work assigned.

so, here comes the question. Is the operation of TO B not operational? How will the operation of TO B grow? How to be entrusted with the task, in the company of garish hearts?

today to share with you as a lingering in the TO B operating me, these years I face the pain and joy of it.

What is the difference between

1 and TO B operations and TO C operations?

first of all, whether it is B or C, the purpose of the operation is to sell products directly or indirectly and produce value. Just in the process of facing different goals, different means of operation, through the following two pictures, I feel the difference between TO B and TO C operation.

C end users use product flow

TO B users use the product flow

(pictures from three classes)

above two diagrams we can see, as a C side of the operation, regardless of how complicated the user decision-making process, but the basic decision is also involved in individual users. However, the whole decision-making process of B and the complex and diverse roles involved in decision-making, and each company is not the same, operators are difficult to influence the whole link and role.

therefore, as TO B operations, you first need to adjust a mindset, do not hold yourself can get customer orders, but they can certainly promote sales.

2 and B terminal operation how to do?

looked at the B side and C side operations are very different, instant stay, then how to do B side operations? Is there no experience to learn from?

of course not, here I still from the traditional four directions.

users operate

B side of the user is a lot of early market sales staff to maintain the maintenance of user contacts, online operations also become an up and coming star. When docking, it is difficult to establish trust relationships between the original market personnel and customers.

, but it doesn’t matter. We’re not looking for a user, and >

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