Some suggestions for beginners how to learn how to improve PHP

my name: Trinidad lone wolf, hereinafter referred to as the wolf, do not want to cause confusion to you oh.

review the wolf learn the experience of PHP, filled with a thousand regrets. I was in 2004 came into contact with PHP, because at that time the Tangshan here to buy a book on PHP, then please friends in Beijing, spent more than 70 yuan to buy a PHP book, was very excited after the hand holding, look for a few days, but was not too ashamed of the urgent needs of learning, so just look at the half, about more than 200 pages, the basic part of watching, to see the actual part of the back, will not continue. And then have put nearly half a year, the wolf just contact the field of network outsourcing, received a small PHP project, since that time based PHP, brave to take down, just started doing, met a lot of difficulties, after all, learning grammar and actually do a great the difference between a lot of things, obviously feel that the right stuff is not run, frequent mistakes, then holding the book, by Baidu, Google, took 3 days to do it. At the time that the unique sense of accomplishment, but also very touching, no, it is not power, just stay in and watch the level only really have to do something, will be eager to understand the actual details of the development.

so, the wolf put forward one of the most important points here, all this time to think, why do you want to learn PHP? For personal interest, or in order to survive needs? Only 2, there is no other.

from then on, the wolf officially stepped into the PHP network outsourcing area, that is 2004, October, the wolf remember very clearly, because that day is just national day, I spent 3 days, claiming to be closed development, ha ha.

a few years later, the wolf is always on the network to do part-time outsourcing, the main direction is PHP, then it is some popular PHP site program, my principle is, to use the open source, do not open. So I touched dedecms at that time, 3. Later contact with discuz, ECSHOP and other excellent open source program. At that time, the main direction of development is the development of the entire station PHP two, and more than a few open source program. During the process, several development frameworks, such as fleaphp, ThinkPHP, CI, zendframework, and other excellent development frameworks were also exposed, and several projects were also made.

has been going on for several years, and until 2007, the presence of a person has been a great help to my promotion of PHP technology. Let me really enter the field of PHP, rather than stay in the small field of my research. I’ve always thanked him and respect him very much. He is Gao Chunhui, yes, that is, home cell phone and ECSHOP’s Gao Chunhui.

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