People network CEO Wang Jianshuo entrepreneurs need three Heart Sutra

people network CEO, Wang Jianshuo,

After graduating from

University, I worked in two places: one is Microsoft, and two is the current people’s network. Their roles have changed from the original professional managers to the current entrepreneurs. There are many opportunities for Internet development, but the rate of elimination is relatively high. Its development "dramatic" beyond the ordinary people imagine. For example, in 2005, we first tried to do classified information in china. In the second year, 3000 similar websites came out in China, but now most of them have disappeared.

as an entrepreneur, what should you do in such a complex situation,


focus on limited things,

a person can do many things, but it takes less than 5 or 10 years to do one thing. I’ve been blogging for 9 years, and I’ve been writing blogs every day except for one month I haven’t written because of my poor health. Because I believe in the power of persistence and implement it in the management of the company.

people network since its inception in 6 years, the company’s main business and architecture and no major changes. Even in the financing, we will not be because of the injection of capital and change, has focused on the development of information classification and operation, not to do a similar group purchase like the popular type of business, the main business will not change in the nature. This is the bottom line of our cooperation with management and an important factor in attracting investment from management.

I give people network requirements, we want to do a good job classification; give advice to the translation company, do a good job; to a friend’s advice is to run, run together to do good to the organization; koowo advice is to do a good music box.

focusing on one thing is the easiest thing to say and the hardest thing to do. Many friends who believe in entrepreneurship for more than three years will laugh at it. Man is so strange that unless he makes the same mistake, he can’t remember it.

simplify what you need to do,

people are greedy, and feel that by expanding the size of the company, you can achieve faster "big" or "strong" purposes, but in fact it is not. The cost of adding a person is not necessarily a person’s salary, even after the benefits and office costs are amortized, it is only the small end of the real cost. Because of the communication costs, management costs, and even the time and attention of the CEO, it is a great cost. The cost of adding a function is not necessarily the development cost of this function, but involves the operating costs of the subsequent series. For example, the post of a reply function, engineers can do a day like appearance, but after the cost, only to do, will know.

, for instance, a message function, there will be anti spam function; a message, you must have somebody to have audit; audit personnel, will involve all work, wages, welfare, management issues; the >

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