What’s the difference between China and the United States from Baidu and Google

has been a station for almost 2 months. Also small achievements, but also a little entry. Even though HTML doesn’t understand, it’s always a garbage dump. So the dependence on search engines is very serious, especially Baidu, MJJ. Do stand, do for a long time, also count on search engines have some understanding. I’m only targeting Google and Baidu. Other search engines, because they’re all streaming. As long as the 2 of these included, the other absolutely follow.

first about 2 search engines for new sites included, Google, for new sites is very good, as long as a little outside the chain, a little content. Will be included. My new page, www.zhangxiaoyuboke.cn, just registered today. The content is also just added, just go behind the time, do a little outside the chain, in the evening to me included. It can be said that Google is to encourage the development of new sites. This will urge the old station mature, will not let the old stop before. At the same time to the development of new sites momentum. Especially just contact the webmaster industry friends. Look at those Google IP every day. Just like family. Thank you very much.

Baidu, as its name suggests, is one of its MJJ guys. Stand for 2 months, only received 2 meters. One is to use IP shock, let him included. (2 days before the Baidu update, go to the 7C exchange chain and buy 2W’s IP to hit it. After you update it, you have just received the home page. It may be due to the fact that the spider was blinded by me. YY). Another is my blog, www.biehi.cn, it took 2 weeks to let Baidu included. It was a little article on the blog, and then go to Baidu space, Baidu know, Sohu blog, Sina blog, NetEase blog, bokee. Fall behind. Lead a pile of outer chains. Finally, second weeks after the domain name registration, Baidu took a fancy to it. Well, this time, I’ve got 6 pages. From my personal point of view, Baidu included new sites is very difficult, need a difficult process. I now have a lot of meters on hand, through the GG hot keywords first, the day IP can reach 2000+. There are www.97bobo-com.cn (this is the use of domain names to strengthen a few very popular keywords ranking, so I suggest the garbage station with Pinyin meters, industrial station only use other miscellaneous meters). This station is currently close to 4000. IP, Baidu did not included. There are 1 www.mmgao3p.cn and www.gao3pmm.cn, these 2 meters are using domain name to strengthen the ranking. I believe the webmaster can see it at first glance. I don’t say much anymore. At present, the 2 stations, IP, around 1000 hovering. Flow mainly depends on Google, and there is my own friend chain. Baidu also did not included. From my own so many stations can be seen, Baidu is very unfriendly to the new station.

speaking of the difference between China and the United States, perhaps the biggest difference is that one is called imperialism.. Not much talk about state affairs. In a word, Google stands for the United States and loves new things… Baidu is similar to china…. Oh, buy!

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