Webmaster site, choose a good virtual host is very important

as the site construction threshold lowered, now more and more people are involved in website construction. As an ordinary personal webmaster, most people in the newly established web site, usually choose the virtual host as a website space. This article mainly wants to experience through my website, talk about the importance of choosing a good virtual host station.

on the last day of 2008, I was in a less well-known IDC companies see about their virtual host information, at the time that their company’s virtual affordable price and not limited to traffic, so I spent 150 dollars bought a 2G space and get a www.365cfu.cn domain name, then upload the program, so they started their own website construction way.

site construction, not because of what the site traffic, can maintain the basic access and daily maintenance work, occasionally busy cause cannot access the server (the server should be other sites caused by the excessive) but is generally a few minutes to reply, so I didn’t feel what, with the reluctant. With the gradual upgrading of their website traffic, the server is busy, resulting in the site can not access the situation become commonplace, and will not be able to access for a long time. Later, looking for IDC company customer service theory, each time given the reply is: "and so on will be able to return to normal, or upgrade the host bar" and the like. In addition, usually find their customer service is difficult to find, sometimes no one QQ message, call also nobody answered, often to the site when what the problem, find their customer service and sometimes have to wait half a day, so my heart sometimes feel very depressed. Because my site is also large amount of access, so I did not upgrade or change the idea of hosting, so it has been going on.

August 8, 2009 was a miserable day for me. At 6 in the evening to work home, ready to visit the site, suddenly can not access, and so on for a long time still can not access. I think there’s something wrong with it. So to the landing to the IDC website, home page found this news: "because of the" Taizhou City Network Information Technology Co., the original "problems, cause we placed in the server room is not working properly, to protect the interests of users, we decided to Jiangsu two room servers in other new stable we present two server room, Jiangsu is on the way to the new room, is expected in August 10th in place and complete the server shelves, allocates a new IP access network, all the data within the server will not be lost." I was watching the news a little shocked: I did not expect this IDC company and the original people still have a certain relationship, so many things happened recently primitive people, knowing that there will be such a problem, but he didn’t notice that our webmaster website data backup. In this way, from 8 to 10, the three days I can not access the site. Because before considering the search engine on my site included better, basically every day there will be included. As for so many days, No.

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