Site traffic analysis is of great help to improve the conversion rate

recently held in London the World Tourism Fair (World Travel Market), the tourism industry experts gathered on site traffic analysis (Web Analytics) and the great influence of seemingly not worth mentioning on the business site observation and adjustment are discussed.

Expedia, director of business development at Cameron Jones, stressed the importance of the site’s rapid response to business: "in 2006, people were willing to wait 4 seconds for web pages to open.". Now they are only willing to wait for 2 seconds."

online reservation system can lead to the loss of valuable customers even if there is a little bit of error. Jones, in his speech entitled "don’t make me think, or let me wait", emphasizes that customer satisfaction is bound to be a source of customer loyalty.

In fact, the

website is not satisfied with the crowd, 79% of users even go back to your site, they may not consume, while 27% of people may not visit your site, "he said.

Jones emphasizes that when using web traffic analysis tools, you can’t just focus on conversion rates. The travel industry also spends the same time, not only to attract customers to the site, but also to let them stay on top, and to ensure that they complete the entire transaction.

"Normally, the

is already at the site users to better use than to attract more users to access these sites and poor performance of lower cost," Scotland based Inverness Highland business research co-founder Vicky Brock said. "If we can increase the actual conversion rate of 1000 users who intend to make reservations, it would be more cost-effective than attracting 5000 more users to the site."

Brock added that the successful conversion rate for general tourism sites was only 1%-3%.

"not every web site visitor can finally buy it," she said. However, there are many people who have planned this, but because they have too many difficulties, the user experience is too bad, and one step in the whole process has gone wrong. They tried, but finally gave up, and the site lost the customers."

, she stressed, "this is a simple mistake, but it can also drain potential income.". And because there is no website traffic analysis, many companies have not found these problems exist.

"it’s a quick way to save the orders that are about to be abandoned during the booking process," Brock said. "Whether you like it or not, many people visit your site every day, hoping to satisfy your purpose and meet the purpose of the site, but in the end everything went wrong and the site might not be aware of it."."

"maybe they’ll try again until the operation is successful.". >

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