He Zhenhong hit off the era really want to win to do showstopper

June 26, 2015 -27, 2015 China a future star guest conference and the fifteenth Chinese enterprise annual meeting held in the Great Wall Sheraton Hotel Beijing. On the morning of 27, the opening ceremony of the next annual meeting, the Chinese Entrepreneur Magazine President He Zhenhong delivered an opening speech.

he president recalled the Chinese entrepreneur magazine for 15 years adhere to focus on entrepreneurial innovators, found the process of China’s most cattle hit the camp. In his speech, in addition to explain the importance of national policy support for the trend of entrepreneurial innovation, he also stressed that the concept of creating a popular president, the most important thing is the creation of the client itself. In the era of genuine hit off win, the most important thing is to do a spoiler. Spoiler at gene recombination, gene recombination can do good people can win in the tide of innovation and entrepreneurship.

in the end, he president wishes all the creation, all entrepreneurs, all the people who insist on innovation, with dreams, technology, passion, to get the final victory.


below is a wonderful speech He Zhenhong’s memoir:

He Zhenhong: distinguished guests, good morning, good morning. Welcome to the scene of the 2015 China Creative convention. We all know that now is off the record’s partner in this era, we China hit off the assembly, on the one hand we keep up with the trend, on the other hand is also a matter of course. Why do you say that, "Chinese entrepreneurs" magazine is the first to focus on China’s most creative, Chinese entrepreneurs. We use 15 years of time, adhere to pay attention to these entrepreneurs, innovation. We selected the top 315 stars of the future enterprise, the future star is what the company and they create data are displayed. We used 15 years, in fact, found a China’s most cattle creative camp, which is the first factor.

second factors, the future star discovery mechanism, we also continue to create new discovery mechanism. For example, golden shark club, golden shark club is our last year for the creation of a special club to create, as long as you are entrepreneurs, as long as you have a company, recognize the company’s articles of association can join the club. Our magazine provides convergence, discovery, social, investment, docking and a variety of services, the magazine’s platform resources to the customer delivery. This is a public service organization, free of all charges.

in addition to the golden shark, as well as a shark. We made a shark workshop for 48 hours, all witnessed a project created from scratch, 23, 24, we made a shark workshop. The birth of the project in two days is still good, such as old-age home lovhome commune to solve the pension problem; solve social pet; you made an appointment may have a gap, this time there is a space about App; and for the high-end tourism social help shark trips; but also for young people click Show ballast docking hairdressing industry, this project is two days.

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