New station two months by DMOZ included secret

in April 6, 2010, we Tsinghua Peking University Students co founded the "Tsinghua university exam online", after the testing officially launched, Baidu and GOOGLE are quickly included, we were very happy and excited, because this is currently the only college entrance exam and can communicate online learning platform, we have the confidence to do this platform.

we have several students, are responsible for the artists, is responsible for program and database, before I get a little SEO fur, construction SEO from Tsinghua University online project champion began, fell on my shoulder.

to tell you the truth, we all know that DMOZ included is a very difficult thing, but in today, June 1, 2010, Tsinghua University scholar online has finally been formally included in DMOZ ( It’s less than 2 months from the online site in April 6th.

believe that many new and old webmaster friends have registered on DMOZ website experience, memorable personal sorrow and joy. Today is a happy day, here, I will be in the DMOZ some experience published in the public, to share with you, but also wish you success, was included in the DMOZ.

in the plan was included before DMOZ, your station to be GOOGLE, Baidu included, ha ha, this is the premise. I was wondering if DOMZ had an automated review process, and the results were confirmed. Even if you automatically review that has not been the case, should be dead. Specific include website to open speed, the follow such as W3C standard, a sad station of rubbish, the first pass cannot pass.

Before you submit

, you should read the DMOZ help documentation carefully. Make sure you choose the appropriate subcategory, and the subcategory is an editor, or you’ll just have to wait. Because the document says "wrong login category" and "inappropriate word description" will delay the inclusion process".

After a month is best not to repeat the submit

, otherwise you just want to row, and re submit the results to the back row; description is also very important, not too commercialized, with the best of the best, not the best use of text, appropriate and concise statement to describe your website; website name should be the official name of your site fixed use, do not use the name of goods; you will need to contact address, contact phone (mobile phone), a site for the email domain, such as Tsinghua University scholar online address is, mail box is [email protected]

above method can only "temporary solution", really can >

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