See the legend Taobao Ke Wu Mei Niang soft Wen promotion cheats!

soft Wen promotion is a method of higher order! As a simple point: Sun goods in Post Bar, all the same person with a lot of small said products a boast good form is soft! God level such as some time ago very fire Alipay marketing soft Wen: Van Gogh why is Dutch act! A soft.

Taobao guest how to write soft text:

recently in the Hunan satellite TV legend later, especially after being turned into big Wu Wu Mei Niang Legend Legend, everyone is to refresh the mobile phone? When the audience in complaining, Taobao for passengers, it is a very good opportunity, such as this time, you can write an article, name: "count" Legend "Fan Bingbing Wu Mei Niang beautiful clothing and accessories". In the article, plus a variety of related products recommended. Taobao alliance back single product search input or related keywords legend Fan Bingbing Wu Mei Niang, quick search, came out a lot of related products.


(Taobao alliance backend search results)

at the beginning of the article you can write this: TV drama "legend" was immediately launched later, buddy, Wu Zetian Fan Bingbing version of the photo is the suddenness of a thunderbolt to spread throughout the network, and even attracted wide attention of users in Japan, and give "stunning" praise. Fan Bingbing in the play because of a large number of scenes, her dress is only more than 260 sets, one of the most expensive set the value more than 500 thousand yuan. A variety of gorgeous, exquisite hair styles and accessories, the overall quantity is amazing, the crew revealed that all actors and clothing add up to about 3000 sets. So amazing figures, people can not help wondering, stills, Fan Bingbing that luxurious headdress, is not really worthy of attention? Today, it might as well look at the small series, Fan Ye these bright headdress,


then you can list the goods, such as

1, double the vertical height of

stills, Fan Bingbing played the best early in the palace of Wu GUI, childish, wearing a pink skirt, nimble and graceful, attracted netizens praised: "Fan Bingbing play 14 years old girl to have no sense of violation and simply Yan burst table values".

this is the hair bun will be divided into two parts, on both sides of the head of each disk volume drop ring. In the Tang Dynasty is the most popular general, unmarried women or young men, ladies, comb the hair of maids. See, Fan Ye in the play style is in line with some of the characteristics of female in Tang dynasty.


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2, double Wangxian bun

This is

hair hair is divided into two shares, with black wool or black belt tied into the ring, towering in the head. Because the pursuit of feeling, look like, so called double Wangxian bun, >

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