Qingdao SEO talk about domain name investment that thing

recently, SEO in Qingdao has several things to do with domain name investment, so I would like to talk about some of my views.

1, say Tmall first. A few days ago, Taobao mall was renamed Tmall network, at the same time, a new domain name tianmao.com is launched, will be renamed the Taobao mall, in a group of brothers first time registered tianmaowang.com (Tmall network domain name spelling), results of a few days a domain name investment buyers contact him, saying to the acquisition of the domain name take the A5 security platform, finally, after some bargaining, the domain name to 26888 yuan turnover. The original domain name up to 100 dollars, a few days over 268 times, think this should be the most violence on the Internet, the most easy money, it is open to make! I joked that he stepped on shit, he delighted. Happy, he gave the group of ten brothers, each year QQ members. (so know this, because we are the new force in the group)

2, last year’s god horse network (from "god horse is cloud" a network hot words), "god horse is floating clouds", was named the most popular network keywords in 2011. So it is easy for domain name investors or webmaster friends think of what the name network ", let us say, at that time my heart to register the domain name is shenma5.com (what network), checked at that time no one registered, but when I was debating whether or not to register the domain name, the domain name will be second days of registration sorry, I ~ this network is missed, will not come back, did not grasp the opportunity to lose money!

3, a few days ago, the mailbox received an email, saying that you want to buy my stay, quzhu8.com domain name (a hotel booking site), and then I replied to the mail, let him quote a price. He replied 1500 yuan, and I didn’t agree. This domain is not worth the money, the webmaster to understand at a glance, he wanted not the domain name, but optimistic about the inclusion and ranking on my website, this website for a year and a half, the online booking, online booking hotel, booking hotel, Economy Inn Airport reservation etc. keywords ranking Baidu home page, the 1500 yuan to buy a website it is too cheap, how could I be so stupid, because this site often into the money, I’d rather slowly raising a website, make money slowly. Then I checked the person’s QQ number, and found that it was also a SEO webmaster, and my guess should be correct.

4 yesterday, one of my classmates asked me to give him a Alipay hit 88 dollars, I did not ask what he didn’t say. After a while, he said he registered the domain name linlaifeng.name, I asked what is the meaning of this domain, he said Jeremy Lin is the nickname of the just over five minutes he said he regretted the registration, may not feel what value, but I also think this domain value is not high, if it is linshuhao.com that should be more valuable, ah, is really a impulse, it is not.

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