Talk about the event marketing and soft Wen hype

many webmaster may think, event marketing is send soft wen. Of course, I thought so before. See Webmaster Station form, form of soft Wen, let me think we all ignore event marketing.

in fact, the network is a hotbed of event marketing, event marketing, but often is carried out by comparison of comprehensive planning, and the whole process of it will cause the media to spread, pan.

to present many personal webmaster, webmaster flow is the most important, but from the development of a web site, many sites to capture large flow, such as garbage station, but to be able to make your own website brand spread farther, it is more difficult. And brand and events are related, a relatively sensational event, speculation may be more than your 100 soft text.

has many personal webmaster, a person has a lot of website, that is because of a lack of attention, in essence, is because the idea has not come out from the traffic, the site in the future, may pay more attention to the brand, personal Adsense website is no exception.

so, personal Adsense planning events to pay attention to what problem,


personally, I have the following points:

1. event itself is more civilian, the source must be transmitted by civilians, not the media, because the cost of the media is too high. We need to attract media attention in our own way so that we can get involved in it.

2. events do not have negative effects, or be associated with politics and do not violate morality. I think this is a basic principle.

3., pay attention to the continuity of events, need to grasp the development of the whole event, comprehensive and perfect planning.

4. unites forces to carry out the marketing of events and make profits at multiple levels. Remember, where there is profit, there is cooperation.

Oh, above Xialiao, more chaos, hope you understand.

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