Standing stop website development is a long-term proposition

stagnation is a familiar mental state in life. Life, career and website can be similar. Life is constantly moving forward, but not every time period is smooth; personal Adsense industry prospect is very good, but not every webmaster’s website profit is very impressive. Therefore, whenever such a state is always distressing, changing the state of stagnation may mean a big step forward.


Adsense nets article "site four heavy song: passion – disappointment – Flat – confidence", the paper said, every webmaster will experience this stage, from the beginning to do a website to the website and profit from the normal operation; with confidence to the ordinary heart to face, ups and downs, and finally tends to be flat, this is everything the basic state of each life. So is the website, when the site development to this stage, how to face? Website development to this stage, will exhibit a stagnant representation, cleverly transition, it may mean that the site will be more perfect and strive for further improvement.

when the website encounters development bottleneck, half a time can not have big breakthrough time, a lot of stationmaster can be anxious, do not know how to change, do not know how to break through more. Site operation to a certain stage, the number of users stable, site traffic at a certain level, the operation mode has not been large-scale changes, normal operation. But such a state is not satisfied with the state of the station. The website needs to do better, more and more traffic, more and more users, this is the purpose of each webmaster. Development is a long-term goal and success is only a phased one. Faced with such a situation, each webmaster will be anxious, how to break through, if improved, if the expansion of the market,


in this state, the webmaster needs to adjust his state of mind. There are many examples to tell us, some websites can not break through, the development of the website is likely to decline, or perish, or change, which is the two extreme of development. At this time, the webmaster must challenge his own attitude, bravely meet the challenge. Website development is not accomplished overnight, but also in the process of development will continue to encounter problems.

webmaster should first face up to this situation. You are not alone in facing such a difficult situation, most people have this experience. Adjust your mind, don’t worry, don’t be depressed, face up to the problem and face the situation. If you’ve found a problem, are you worried that it won’t solve the problem?

secondly, study and study carefully. Look at the same industry is how to transition and transition, from learning and make the site for the transformation of the route. For example, network owners forum, is now in a stage of development, the number of users and the post are maintained at a certain level, but this is certainly not the best and the most ideal state, how to break this bottleneck, it is graph king and A5 staff every day in the study and thinking of the problem. The laggards forum, now posting more than 40 thousand, has been developing for 8 years, and how to go up to the next level is also believed to be the fish and its team eager to achieve

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