Share the operating mode of local websites, five steps

came to Xilibaba home guest today, Xilibaba not what celebrities, nor what successful webmaster, but I know in Jiangxi internet conference site, meet for the first time is very interesting, he is at the time of the meeting and people talk, or ask people to invest their own website, has been said to his family, but because is in work, so there is no time, today finally fulfill his belated commitment, chat just know, he is now running Nanchang discount nets, because there is no income, so he is working while supplies website each month for server expenses, it is very kind, but only not changed or made a plan written in Nanchang discount network scheme and profit model, he very seriously told me not to invest Never mind However, after the plan must be put forward criticisms, we tentatively called self criticism, although his site now is very bad, but after I read his plan to him for local stations to grasp the deep admiration arise spontaneously, the other said a few, we talk about some key plans for it book:

step 1: preparatory work for local websites

if you are a local web site, you should know how the feasibility of local web program, I absolutely don’t say you should you feel more after dispel their thoughts, I suggest not blindly copying mode, successful experience can be used for reference, but to find their own suitable way. You should first consider the site planning of local area and you have a conflict with the planning of the site, analysis of their scale and competitive advantage, but also consider the number of Internet users in the region and the needs of the Internet, if the local Baidu Post Bar have enough atmosphere, so you can still get the feasibility of the full affirmation, website have a service location, although local website, but good location is the key to your main website, personal Adsense operation, should not be Flat, there should be screaming, so that there will be a breakthrough,

two step song: content selection of local websites

read many local websites about the analysis of the article, you will find the local website format is the package local hot, reconstruction of the network topic! How to understand this sentence, you want to organize a decent post, not by a few little girls to complete the table, you should try to edit and arrange about the local topic, or with a local problem, provide true and effective information for the network based on the hot topic, we have, not because of an unreasonable focus, make your site as a night time between net evaporation, pictures to individually design, typesetting, copy and paste the easy to be removed is right down the speed will be very fast! Local website is not a day can be successful, who can not endure loneliness before success, who will not succeed, Use lies to prove lies, and finally the result must be a lie, dream proof dream, the final result must be dreaming!



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