Positioning, product, marketing, a website operator can not be ignored three points

these days there have been some small fluctuations in the website, the problem is also considered more than usual, and recently has been considering network marketing and traditional marketing problems. At the same time, thinking of something to share with some SEO colleagues, I can get some colleagues and friends affirmation, I am very happy.

In a conversation with friends,

mentioned how new websites should operate, and then talked about the operations of older websites. I am very much talking about such a problem, I hope we can find something out of it. Zac said that Seo had no master, only novices and old hands. Through discussion and practice, let us continue to accumulate experience. We learn from each other, and that’s my SEO philosophy.

website operation is a very tedious matter. The reason why he is tedious because it includes positioning, product, marketing, promotion and other links. Positioning is the starting point of website operation, and it determines the development of the whole situation. The success of the operation is determined by the accuracy and differentiation of the products provided by the website in the market. Website products are the core of website operation. Products are divided into two kinds, one is to sell physical products, and the other is to sell behavior services. A website operation can effect, not how much money to decide, do form mall sites friends should know that the product text description and picture decoration is largely to determine whether the customer purchase intention. In the entire operation of the site, such an idea is also very important, that is, a straight point of view of the site is a set of good or bad products, affecting the user experience, thus determining the conversion rate of a series of problems. Here’s a full range of Web site products, including product quality, after-sales service and pre-sales description.

1. Site positioning

, a website, whether the traditional marketing or network marketing, whether the products can be sold, played the key role is to locate. A position that has a precise purpose and is clearly differentiated from other services, and such positioning can be successful. One of Procter & Gamble Liezi, Head and Shoulders and rejoice also belong to the Procter & Gamble products are shampoo why can sell well? Because of the precise target. Head and Shoulders is the dandruff, rejoice is shunfa. Multi brand strategy of Procter & Gamble business, not a product simply paste several trademarks, but the pursuit of similar products the differences between different brands, including function, packaging, publicity and other aspects, so as to form a distinct personality of each brand. That’s what we’ve been talking about, precision, product differentiation.

the same problem we reverse thinking about why the website operation is very bad, why so long operation is not profitable, are we in the positioning of the site of a problem, our position is not clear, there is no difference between products. If no one else sells it, you sell it. Why do customers buy your products? These are the questions we need to consider.

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