Talking about the successful way of Zengcheng nformation Port

local portal to allow users to feel at home, that is, a sense of belonging. Because the local station, target customers are locals, all are very familiar with the local information port of Zengcheng is to seize the local user heart, the latest information released by the local, and user interaction, often organize the party, such as the gathering of friends, the young customers together gave Zengcheng harbor great affinity.

Zengcheng Information Port found information inconvenience to local users, the local university has three or four students, it is a huge consumer groups, to this before but not a good way to unite students. Zengcheng information port with the University Forum to realize data synchronization with the inside and outside of China Unicom, Zengcheng information port data, so as to seize the most groups of college students, after the party, to achieve communication and exchange under the line.

then founded the easy campus network, which mainly deals in some daily necessities. "Easy point campus" opened successfully in Zengcheng quickly between universities and local businesses spread, so the accumulation of popularity, every day there are a lot of users to issue purchase sale information, reached the City Trading effect. Also use the school club activities, and business cooperation, opened a variety of convenient student business propaganda, to serve everyone, and return to yourself.

Zengcheng garden in Guangzhou, and Honda, the property market, the car is very popular, so the Zengcheng harbor is certainly cannot do without these two large blocks of information released slightly, combined with their own friends, in real estate, in Honda, so we can get the real estate and the car first received information, such as preference to other local information website, the information superiority, we have the advantage.

as the business matures, rich information about local websites, in response to these circumstances, our team promptly opened new topics to meet the needs of users. Powerful communication function has also accumulated a lot of popularity for Zengcheng information port. How can we turn these popularity into a wealth, which requires a team planning and organizing?. We have a strong editorial team that regularly projects some of the hot topics. Such as entertainment, tourism, consumption and so on. Zengcheng port of information in this way, in the minds of the people of Zengcheng have some constructive comments and suggestions, some local authorities recognized and praised.

meets regularly to achieve online and offline interaction, to achieve young people’s thoughts, collisions and friends.

with the business matures, Zengcheng port began to implant their unique business philosophy to other areas, continue to show a strong compatibility with the local market, abundant information and powerful communication function for region construction and development and provides the convenience of daily life. Article source: reprinted, please indicate the source!


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