The development of local recruitment industry in their unspoken rule


, I saw some articles about talent websites in many forums. Most of the content focused on how to promote and sell websites, but there are few practical questions about website operation. I’m not a good player, and I’m just a small local citizen in Yixing, walking through a website of my own. I feel that apart from the issues mentioned in the article, when you actually run this type of website, you will find a lot of unexpected things. These circumstances are directly related to the long-term operation of the site.

site personnel for regional dependence is more serious, if not a team to operate, so I do not recommend you to do a comprehensive recruitment website, on the one hand, enough energy and resources; on the other hand, positioning is not accurate enough, unable to gather performance value flow. Then again just mentioned on regional, I think we should be very understanding about this, after all site personnel need is large area traffic and visibility, only in this way will have to register, and I in the process of operation, can be said to have active interpersonal relationship with the use of not only to cooperate with the bus company, making seating website also and local technical cooperation, help them directly conveying graduates, of course these are free, at least early can not make money, because we need visibility, but this effect is very good, public transportation, rental and other local schools are the largest flow of people, in the publicity where is the value. Of course, this is just a microcosm of the local talent website, do the industry is to catch the local business contacts and contact, if you want to search only the traffic rank, I can only say that their value is very low, even at the cost of all make it back.

talent websites need contacts and offline communication ability, then have these two aspects if it means Everything will be fine.. I don’t think so, because when you carry out the online recruitment services in a two or three line of the city, you must first take a look at local have the company, if not the best, if there is a need not be afraid, see how he is doing, not doing a good job, we should learn from his experience to improve. Well done only from the weak point of its start, otherwise there is no chance. Because of the small city network group for recruitment network brand trust, once they find a can meet their needs work site, so they will not easily leave the site, because these places also have their recruitment age, if you go to the competition for this part of the user, the cost and the cost will be relatively high. Therefore, it is very important to do a talent website to see whether you have a big city or not. Also, if your city has not yet a mature talent website, that is the best thing, because it has a lot of data we can be free to use, such as a web site inside the enterprise information and public mailbox, for example, outstanding talent, we can communicate with them, they take the initiative to find a job. To establish their own brand image in the process.


, many people were talented for second tier cities or smaller city units

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