He accepted the Softbank investment, but almost bankrupt

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data show that China enterprise failure rate as high as 80%, the failure case is not uncommon, but investors and entrepreneurs. Eventually, "see you in court" is not too much. The day before, the blue whale TMT exclusive access to a data, is the story of a born businessman in the rural venture failed, investment institutions related party sued the story.

beautiful open channel business model Chimura, Goldman Sachs, Softbank olive branch

according to the blue whale TMT exclusive access to information, Jinxiu thousand village agricultural chain (Beijing) Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jinxiu Chimura") chairman Sun Xiangdong in 2006 founded the brand "Chimura agricultural plant protection", at the time, the agricultural market really fake hybrid, kengnonghainong incident frequency of the environment, thousands of villages "plant protection" the main push "genuine licensed soon to purify the agricultural market, popular in the vast rural areas.

Sun Xiangdong came to Beijing at the end of 2007, began the road of entrepreneurship, in 2008 to get the right to operate after the establishment of a beautiful thousand villages, the company’s legal representative. As a feeling of agricultural enterprises, Jinxiu thousand village was put forward for the "new countryside" weaving the picturesque corporate vision, and the agricultural countryside and agricultural city two chain opened up as future planning.

it is reported that thousands of beautiful village from the beginning of the direct exploration of pesticides, to create its unique channel operating mode. Through thousands of villages "plant protection" mode of chain operations, brand promotion, for the franchisee to provide technical services, logistics and distribution services, soon attracted many dealers to join.

with the deepening of the operation of the Fairview village, the growing size of the company, the company in 2009 will have more than 500 franchise stores. Around 2009, there have been a number of well-known investment institutions to come to the door, hoping to cooperate with Fairview thousand villages, including Goldman Sachs, the leading international investment bank, focusing on the Chinese market, such as investment funds today.

Sun Xiangdong and his team are mostly from rural areas, little is known about capital investment. In the process of contact and investment institutions, Sun Xiangdong found an investment adviser "pulse". When the above investment institutions throw a high risk of gambling agreement, Sun Xiangdong chose to give up cooperation with investment institutions.

at this point, Tianjin bank a soft equity investment fund partnership (hereinafter referred to as "soft") began to take the initiative to contact thousands of village jinxiu. Softbank Chinese executive partner Xue Cunhe had a meeting with Sun Xiangdong, said the operation mode of appreciate Jinxiu Chimura; Softbank investment director also actively to Jinxiu thousands of villages all joined the chain for research, and on the company’s highly recognized mode. In the domestic VC industry, Softbank has always been known for a low-key, professional, Softbank, most employees are born entrepreneur, and.

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