Time axis experience and contrast in Facebook and QQ spaces

what is the timeline,


timeline was announced in December 15th timeline, a global on-line feature called Facebook2011. It allows to graphic form according to the actual occurrence time of user autonomy (rather than release time point) to show that a comprehensive record of his life and consumer experience, to share with friends, function page is very refreshing, give a person find everything fresh and new feeling.

After the

timeline was launched, QQ space began to emulate the application. Now let’s compare the effects of the two time axes of QQ space and Facebook.

QQ belongs to the space small fresh style, it attaches great importance to the time axis master basic information and record the life show, in the background, the content is more prominent; and Facebook in addition to the basic information display, also pay attention to the interaction, the friends of the footprints in the performance, function and performance of the recommended events, mainly emphasizes the social function.

QQ space function is relatively simple, but made some innovations, such as he can release future events, highlighting the time axis in the navigation solar term, left, and cover into a custom background image.

1, personal information and behavior list, part

QQ space personal introduction, and some module layout and Facebook almost, structural changes slightly.

1.1 difference lies in the QQ space, and no friends, concerns, messages and other functions.

1.2, the right side of the function area, Facebook relative to QQ space, more friends list, footprint.

1.3, Facebook relatively emphasizes social and geographic information, while QQ space focuses on the time axis owner’s behavior record.

1.4 QQ space interface, the top right corner of the "gear" icon is "interface settings" to support the camera preset background, but also support custom background. This is a little different from facebook. From the QQ space to provide the default background to see, relatively clear, more prominent content, personalized than Facebook strong.



2, release box contrast,

2.1, if it is the master’s timeline, QQ space can publish diet, travel, entertainment, video, sports, events and so on. One bright spot is: the big event, but for the time being, I haven’t seen any specific features.


2.2, and Facebook also has a life event function, relatively powerful.

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