The way to Web Analytics (1) where do people visit websites come from

notes in the process of using analysis tools and learning analysis methods, Paidai starts.


is learning to use tools, it’s probably the original goal. I’m using Google Analytics here. First, I’ll put an overview of it:


this is a very small website, a week of data, you can see:

(1) has dozens of people visiting every day, and the number of people is increasing gradually.

(2) has about two times the amount of visitors, and visitors look at only two pages,

(3) accounts for about 85% of new visitors, and 74% of visitors come from search engines, suggesting that the site has just picked up and is heavily dependent on search engine

(4) has 125 target transformations, which are left for subsequent analysis,

(5) in addition to the home page, the sale directory access is second, accounting for about 10%, indicating that this page visitors click more

business people, the most concerned about is how guests come. In the same way, people who analyze websites are most interested in where visitors come from. Google Analytics [source of traffic] is part of the answer to this question.


can be seen from the figure, Google Analytics can identify the main source of visitors was designated in three types: direct flow, promotion website and search engine, there is a class of the AdWords (the following series of advertising and advertising version belong to AdWords), in addition, there is a [keyword], is a weapon analysis tool, it can be judged whether the visitor is through the search word then went to our website, which make targeted improvements are directly helpful for the analysis of sources and.

below, let’s take a look at the first part: direct traffic

direct traffic is the embodiment of the value of a web site. The direct traffic involved in this article is very small and almost negligible, indicating that the site is basically unknown.



appeared in the "first set" second "target set" Google Analytics provides a simple target monitoring function, it can open the web page through the method of recording link tracking under the visitors click on whether some of the links, the so-called transformation rate monitoring. For example: 1 click the sale promotion directory, is actually a picture link on our website, the target address is the sale directory, if a visitor through the search engine to open our home page, and click on the picture.

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