Do from the media, because of interest and not to make money and abandon

The word

from the media Steamed Rice also from watching the news in the beginning know, do not know from the media is a what thing, always feel very tall and very domineering, like Luo Zhenyu’s logic thinking one day accounted for 1 million 600 thousand of the membership fees of news everywhere, it is hard to know, especially about love some IT news friends, will be very curious, so you can make money, driven by curiosity and deep understanding of the original play from the media are likely to become rich handsome, after more and more people from the media, since the media people engage with membership was gradually accepted by the people, who want to self the media industry to not fire a slice, and then have to start from the media.


for interest

A5 in the above 13 years saw an article saying "why understand the log so popular" one article, revealed a diary for the work of the people, and then continued to see a lot of people from the media reports about money, in a WeChat public number on the metaphor of an advertisement ten thousand, a month, the public profit of three hundred thousand, we were fascinated by the information from the media, since the media is full of interest, want to do a month income better than work, then do the ebullience since the media to the point, brush like comment space every day every day, write the log talk every day, and friends, full of vitality and passion, so as to promote their own, a month later found writing reading only a few, after two months is no longer so passion every day to write a diary, three A month after the logs are simply not written, it does not adhere to, most people from the media are like this, can insist that every three months to write a really few, at present in my QQ friends, still adhere to three months a day only three person with me that four, very few people can really hold on, there are many write, do not insist for a long time, reason is that since the media do not make money writing and time-consuming, so slowly give up.

two, don’t make money and give up

has been realized from the media to question, if it’s true, since the media has not been profitable, so I should stick to it is also a question mark, because since the media do not hungry do have bread, but also want to novice so hard to get because you have no bread, no experience, human resources, writing is not how sophisticated, this is the novice from the media to do the realization of difficult problem, of course, soft Wen write poorly to put her out, and make money from the media who are starting early, is in the advantage of network resources some, for the new beginning to profit is not possible, so the couple or give up from the media, or do not long-term profit under the condition of continue to operate its own personal brand, but many people are not, because For they do not want to waste time to write articles, a written out did not see, two don’t know what to write next, three or that money word.

concludes: "it’s hard to do anything now, from the media."

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