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the Internet today inadvertently, let me be very surprised, actually a website with my program, I also is piracy website, page content and so on are mine, and the change is only an icon and contact! Said there must be a friend said. Your station was attacked by a hacker, or my computer became someone else’s chicken, maybe, I don’t want to complain about what, just remind those hard webmaster friends, to protect their own website, not later for others to do the wedding dress, really makes people sad!

for the site of the road safety, the webmaster how to walk, how to make their sites from scanning attacks hackers, this method is also very difficult to say clearly, perhaps only from the hacker master can find the answer there! Now I’m on my own website to a serious analysis and summary, I hope to give you some help.

1. select a good website system

I use the open source. V5.1 version of the program, has also been in the network try to search Dede vulnerabilities, hackers but this presentation is not much, and it is also known as the content management system is the most outstanding, has the advantage that you can generate static pages and is conducive to the ranking, that is to search engine friendly, I think should be content management system

2. manages your FTP password and changes it frequently.

problems that may be FTP accounts, I didn’t pay attention to this, see friends with nearly 20 code, think now it seems I make an unnecessary move, be negligent, on the other hand we also often change their password, the number is right, 16 or above may be safer, because tomorrow boy (hacker software) for password crack control is also in this range, I’m not sure, you can also express their views! Who holds your FTP who have the ownership of your site.

3., do not easily believe the so-called good hearted people".

a lot of friends especially those novice webmaster friends, when you have questions please some people in general love within the group, these good people is not really out of kindness is not to say, it is best to more improve my professional knowledge, can solve yourself to yourself, what other people help you to help you, what are the benefits to him, unless it is a particularly good network of friends, so I propose a word: in the network don’t trust anyone. I’m not so sure about it here, because I think there must be some kind people there.

4. before the site, look at the same under the other stations ip.

, I should have put it first. Now put him here. Many hackers can get their webshell through a secure, low web site under IP (which can manage the back door of the website) and then get the entire server by right

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