Meta tag three point detail optimization

on [meta tags SEO optimization], I have written before the relevant articles, this time mainly to talk about Meta tags in the optimization process of a few details. In the SEO industry, I am willing to share my experience, rather than always silently studying, silently enjoying the fruits of SEO. If you feel good one, feel good, would you please keep a good mood, don’t drop the egg float.

Meta tag three point of detail optimization should pay attention to the problem:

1. Spiders crawl Meta,


, I’m in the [meta tag SEO optimization," a text said, there has been a small error, Spider Simulator simulation, it is really Keywods first grab, and then Desecription. We note that the simulator simulation test does not have mock tests before the entrance exam, yes, after all, it is not the entrance exam. Spider Simulator is the same, after all, is simulation, it is only a tool, rather than the real SE.

The order of

two and Meta

for this problem, I analyzed a lot of Web sites, spiders on the Meta crawl is to see the code, you put in front, I’ll catch, you put, I will catch. In fact, long ago I know this problem, but I haven’t got my own attention. I always ignore the problems around me. One ignores the most common and basic problems in SEO.

three, Spider Simulator crawl does not display Keywods and Desecription

example: Spider Simulator capture does not display the Keywods and Desecription? Why there will be such a problem, carefully open the site webmaster will find that Meta wrote:

so Spider Simulator is not captured, because this description does not conform to the W3C standard. However, it does not affect real spider crawling and indexing, and the real spider uses two patterns: standard and nonstandard. The correct description should be:

is the W3C standard, the simulator uses standard mode, so you can grab the contents of Meta. The optimization effect of the two cases is almost the same, so there is no need to pay too much attention.

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