How to serve customers in the store

women’s clothing store, how to make business more popular? This is a lot of businesses have to think about the problem. If you want to get the attention of consumers, you need to pay attention to their words and deeds, good service. Many franchisees have doubts about the service, then follow the small series to learn about it, do a good job in business management.

a, say the first sentence, attract attention, stimulate interest. Close to the customer’s first sentence is also very important. If I can help to direct sales, said may not directly cause the loss of customers, so we said that the first sentence should impress the hearts of customers, to stimulate customer interest, then the desire to try. In fact, there are a lot of words to say this, but there must be a very new, very popular, such as adjectives, but also the contents of the praise of customers.

two, active recommendation. This situation occurs in those look after leaving the store customers, these customers are generally cursory reading away, mostly take a look at what no purchase intention. However, if you encounter really desirable products, it is not possible to buy. So we need to carefully observe the customer, once found out that she had to leave us, or covered half the store near the door, then take our leaflets quickly forward to recommend a product, as long as it can attract her attention, then immediately back to the counter, she tried to find out the corresponding products in. A certain degree can retain customers, increase sales opportunities.

how to make women into the store consumers are more willing to take out their pockets? Many franchisees hope to improve the advantages of customer service. In fact, the customer into the store, franchisees need to do a good job of observation, improve service quality, to attract consumers interested in the product, thereby pulling out the wallet.

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