Secret grandmother hot business secret

catering industry competition is intense, almost always in the thinking of innovation, change to cater to the food market, and in many food and beverage brands, grandma made no small achievement, business has been good, peers are very envious.

it was concluded that this line of economics. In fact, good people queuing catering enterprises, not only is the grandmother’s house, in front of the sea fishing program mentioned, there are in the queue is sipping Xiabu.


[the first] human knife knife: young people like ZARA fix

According to the words of my grandma

if you have you visited my grandma’s home, you may have a different experience, store decoration is not the same, because each store location, district is different, the passenger flow is different.

Two days ago I went to a

what style ah, really some people understand, some people have pointed out, in fact, grandmother home decoration style, closer to the bar, but not in the restaurant. So some grandmother will use a long table, why, easy to talk ah. Later, the name of the Internet under the banner of certain catering enterprises, such as selling pancakes who also used this trick.

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