Kunming Women’s entrepreneurship innovation demonstration center will be opened tomorrow

female entrepreneurs often face many social and family pressure, for helping women entrepreneurs, built the Kunming Municipal Women’s Federation of women’s entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration center, help in finance, law, entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship for the majority of women helping support.

2006 years, the Kunming Municipal Women’s Federation and further promote the "action for women employment, to micro financial services as the starting point, has been issuing small loans, help free up lending, labor-intensive enterprises loans 2 billion 177 million yuan of funds to support the 35 thousand women entrepreneurs, with nearly 100 thousand women in employment, and foster more than 2800 women entrepreneurs, reserve a number of women’s entrepreneurship.

in the business sea, Nei, the majority of aspiring entrepreneurs career women through mutual help to achieve business objectives. Successful example of women entrepreneurs continue to encourage new female entrepreneurs recommend

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