What are the new trends in the home textile industry how to grasp the opportunity of the monkey

is now investing in every industry, the majority of the investment managers who need to know about the future development of a trend in recent years in the industry, we are now in the textile industry as an example, today Xiaobian take you to understand, I hope all of you to help.

2015 introduced a two-child policy, causing many franchisees to children’s home textile bedding ready to, many children are popular in the market, many brands have a series of children’s home textiles, but specially set up a sub brand for children’s home textiles but not much known as Luo Lai Jie baby and children. Although the textile industry environment is not optimistic about everyone, but many textile brands still maintain a uniform rising trend, although many children adhere to the high-end brand textile line, but the feedback from the market and consumers’ purchasing power, Chinese baby market still has great potential.

In fact, some


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