How to select excellent employees in the restaurant

opened a restaurant, there are a lot of preparation to do, choose a good location, find a good decoration scheme, have to recruit outstanding employees. In this article, the small series focuses on the recruitment and selection of staff, teach you how to find excellent employees. Here are the details:

1 to select senior staff

be familiar with the environment, familiar with the guests, familiar with the operation procedures, master the target customer positioning, for regular customers, regulars, consumer, leadership and surrounding competition; status should be very clear and understanding. Only meet these conditions can be better in line with the needs of the post, but also better for the customer service.

2 information and marketing

must have the amount of information collected, and to learn marketing skills, here is not only the problem of marketing services, including marketing, so that consumers purchase themselves don’t need more food, this is not to sell, but can be better made to consumers, to guide consumption.

3 personalized service

service is the most important in the catering industry, but also are basically the same, only make a difference in the service, launched personalized service to make consumers more satisfied, to store more favorable impression, so the personalized service of an employee is very important, but this is not to say that the other kind of offbeat tend to scare consumers.

do catering business, talent is very important, excellent employees can not only make the customer satisfaction, but also to enhance the store image. Therefore, to recruit excellent staff. In addition, the consumer has been tracking service is also very critical, which is also an effective way to increase repeat customers, and even bring more surprises to customers.

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