Dongsheng an nternet start-up everything, how to rely on a great idea by the wind


and share some entrepreneurial mindset and venture partner problems, when entrepreneurs after solving these two problems, need to face a more important question is how to choose entrepreneurial projects, in my personal experience, need to consider the following factors of choosing a project:

1 industry size: the size of the industry in almost an instant determines whether you will be undertaking entrepreneurial projects feasible.

2 level of competition: when you choose an entrepreneurial project, too many participants, the project is very difficult to succeed.


3 project development: the project must be full consideration to the future development of the project, you need to do is to assess, in accordance with what you’re doing, your entrepreneurial projects can achieve what the annual growth rate.

is a good project if not assessed, who also can not be determined to start a business, after all, once the business, there will be no way to go back is very hot, whether success or failure must bear their own, what is the end of a business? To say a big change is the future fate of entrepreneurs to say little, just want to realize a dream.

Internet era of entrepreneurship reflects as long as you want and you will succeed the high return on investment, the choice of what kind of business projects, business is still only two situations: one is as entrepreneurs feel a reliable business projects, began to carry out entrepreneurship; one is to have the undertaking thought, in the beginning of the search for business partners.

now 80% entrepreneurs are belong to the former, because of this success rate will be higher, while the latter is, those who have entrepreneurial ideas began to prepare for business, specifically how to do, then you need to be familiar with It differs from man to man., coming before the entrepreneurial field, not ambitious, what kind of field want to butt in.

It is best to do well on their own resources to

before the start, after all, for the grass root entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial resource is flawed, it is finally to rely on business contacts, start to lay a good relationship with those who have the resources, you can use to do many things, this pseudo proposition is very contradictory, after all people you don’t feel you, no resources, no connections to people still dare to a hot side together, all in vain, after all, is the exchange of resources between the two sides, it’s like falling in love, people did not feel for you, how could be with you if you fall in love? And who is the iron man resources it is another matter.

a lot of people on the Internet entrepreneurs are very interested in, think this is a grass root counter attack, can quickly achieve wealth free industry, like real estate, stock and other industries are complex, must go through years of hard work.

compared with traditional industries, the Internet business is more suitable for those who are eager to start the business to become rich entrepreneurs, but this does not mean that finding a suitable project is easier to succeed, the most common sense of entrepreneurship

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