Xiamen innovation and strong emphasis on international market

the pace of economic globalization continues to accelerate, a high-quality enterprise only to meet the domestic market is not enough, but also to overseas development. Xiamen for the phenomenon of economic globalization, for the development of the enterprise requirements, innovation and strong, both in line with the international market, we have a detailed understanding of the following.

yesterday afternoon, the Municipal Standing Committee, Haicang Taiwanese Investment Zone Party committee secretary, party secretary Huang Qiang led the research area of industrial enterprises, has come to the long bus, amoytop, ed Sadegh, biological biological enterprise, the field to understand the situation of production and operation, the scene to coordinate the resolution of difficulties and problems encountered by enterprises, encourage enterprises to accelerate the capital expansion to achieve large-scale production.

in the enterprise and exchange forum, Huang Qiang pointed out that to further optimize the layout of regional and business enterprises, to mergers and acquisitions or capital expansion etc., to expand the scale of production; to innovate and create a strong embrace of the market, both capital and capital, integration of international markets, has taken the pace of development more quickly, the formation and development of larger scale the better economic benefit.

Huang Qiang said, the district government and enterprises will always be the same resonance frequency, must take effective measures to help enterprises solve difficulties and problems encountered in the production and management, for enterprises to achieve sustainable long-term development to create a more favorable external environment.

in the process of economic development, enterprises must be timely to keep pace with the times, to stand in the market environment, in order to keep up with the pace of the times, in order to become bigger and stronger. In an innovative society, it is very necessary for enterprises to start their own businesses, improve their competitiveness, and move towards the international market.

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