Making the month million yuan is how to do

Internet industry is developing rapidly, online chat and online video became popular, which also spawned a new industry, which is making. It is understood by many to earn million yuan, it really makes small envy. So making the month million yuan is how to do it?

making the types of shooting

analysis platform "

now to shoot off when there are two types of platform, the first is the news website second video website is making, making, such as we in the website of Tencent or Sina comprehensive portal website to see the news video commentary, this type of video is seen in the news, his advantage is posted up, according to the official video shoot off to provide the flow to pay royalties, the lowest is 200 of the highest income is 6000 dollars. The method proceeds to solve making the most basic daily living expenses.

video website making said that although the official to the low cost, but it can hang advertising, after doing business alone is easy, the video site to do the shoot off the need to establish their own circle, in the shooting video clock into the QQ group or hungry Post Bar. And the video does not have any copyright issues, a video can be released in a number of video sites. Solve the problem of traffic flow without forwarding the website.

also need to build a blog of my own heart, released every day some video or video articles, the Post Bar patent links in the blog, the blog words hanging orders from advertising, if there is a business search recommendation

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