How to deal with off-season leisure agriculture

for the current business off-season is commonplace thing, but for the operator, can be encountered in the off-season, take relevant management strategies also need to have a better way to deal with. In short, in order to off-season is not light, the main needs of leisure agriculture operators in the landscape outside the environment to provide new content for tourists:

1, the use of science and technology, to avoid seasonal differences.

For example:

acres of greenhouse facilities Shaanxi Baoji hengfengyuan sightseeing agricultural ecological park, the winter people into the sunlight greenhouse, seasonal instant conversion, a seductive strawberry red dotted in the vast green field, like the girl’s smiling face, the tourists interest is lit immediately. While we pick a red one strawberry, while asking the winter strawberry cultivation techniques, according to the local agricultural bureau of statistics, the number of tourists in the winter of 2013 to the agricultural Chencang District Tourism Ecological Park picking up to more than 3 thousand people, single income can reach 100 thousand yuan picking.

in the cold winter, as long as the effort in the agricultural science and technology innovation, in the sunlight greenhouse for a "selling point", the characteristics of crops, allowing visitors to enjoy new crops rare elsewhere, meet their thirst for knowledge and innovative ideas of the psychological needs, it can attract stop picking. For tourists, although at this time there is no picking up the summer and autumn season so lively, but it makes people feel not a flavor.

2, comply with the season, highlighting the four seasons.

The seasonal

agriculture seriously affects the distinctive leisure agriculture tour, but it is because of seasonal characteristics, agricultural tourism can be exchanged according to different season change, launched timely for various agricultural and recreational activities, such as the spring flower, bird watching, plowing, sowing; summer swimming, watching wildlife, fishing, fishermen under the cage, feel fun fishing; autumn, autumn, autumn fruit picking ornamental ornamental southwards migratory birds; winter skiing, skating, sailing, ice fishing, winter fishing.

For example:

Shandong Qufu Wu Village "estate economics", is through continuously enrich and explore the potential to create different seasonal tourism highlights, in order to completely break the Manor Farm Management "solar term limit, spring flowers, summer, autumn and winter to see the cool fruit branch" seasons have a golden week. All the year round tourist season, produced good economic benefits.

Zhejiang Huzhou Changxing County Guzhu village in the farming work experience to fully reflect the seasonal. Spring: strawberry picking, tea, fried tea, dig bamboo shoots, fishing; summer: pick loquat and peach picking, pick watermelon, grapes, catch loach; autumn: pick oranges, gingko, chestnut, knock hit wrapped dumplings, touch snail; winter: rice cake, rice wine, tofu, grinding barbecue, bonfire.

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