A person selling $575 million a website

Abstract: after achieving the goal of making millions of dollars per person per month, a year later, in 2007, Markus had its first employee. Up to now, the Plenty of Fish has a 370 million monthly independent IP and a 2 billion 500 million

that lying boy is today’s actor

a person, when he was 24 years old wrote a website, only work for 2 hours a day, he also suspected that the workload is too large. Every day he earns tens of thousands of dollars from Google advertising, no partner, never financing, a person holds a 100% stake in the $36 to sell the company at the age of 575 million.

July 14, 2015, marriage website Plenty of Fish price of $575 million was acquired by Match Frind, founder of Markus, he was only 36 years old in. Markus long term by a person from 2003 to start their own business, put on Google advertising to make money.

because the site is too profitable, and no employees, so Markus does not need a partner, do not need financing, the company’s equity 100% belongs to him a person. Sell the company, no one to divide the $575 million, $575 million all belong to him alone!

this is a people business model of grass root.

in 2008, Markus told New York Times that his website had a net profit of $10 million a year. He works 10 hours a week, only for about 2 hours a day. However, he told reporters:


Markus told Business Insider that he had a net profit of several million dollars a year when he knew what it was like to invest in venture capital. So, he really do not know how to say with venture capitalists, really do not know how to finance.

Markus this year to sell Plenty of Fish, the site has 90 million registered users. 3 million 600 thousand active users.

Markus said he began to want to do Plenty of Fish in 2003, just because they have learned a new computer language ASP. In practice, when looking for work can prove you know ASP, just do Plenty of Fish. As a result, there are a lot of people come to the site registration, slowly on fire. When the site can earn $4000 a month, almost able to feed himself, he quit his job, relying on the site’s advertising costs.

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